S4:E1 – How are u? What Is Sex?

What is Sex? is back!!! Isy and Rebecca reflect on how they are really doing. They talk about "Nice Guys,"  the ways the pandemic taught them how to set more boundaries, and the fact that other podcast hosts seem to get mail! Send Isy and Rebecca mail!Support What is Sex? on Patreon to help pay hosting fees, guests, editors, and hosts!We want to hear from you! Contact us on Facebook, Instagram, or at contact@yestoconsent.org 
  1. S4:E1 – How are u?
  2. S3:E10 – How do you communicate properly with your partner?
  3. S3:E9 – How do you show them affection when your love language is not kisses or hugs?
  4. S3:E8 – What would you do if you were a boy for a day?
  5. S3:E7 – How should you use sex toys?