S2:E10 – Questions from our friends! What Is Sex?

For the Season 2 finale, Rebecca and Isy asked their friends about their sexuality questions from when they were young and explored them on this lightning round episode! They discuss kink, puberty, fantasy, tantra, crushes, and finding naked pictures on your dad's computer.Support What is Sex? on Patreon to help pay hosting fees, guests, editors, and hosts!We want to hear from you! Contact us on Facebook, Instagram, or at contact@yestoconsent.org 
  1. S2:E10 – Questions from our friends!
  2. S2:E9 – What is the right age to have a baby?
  3. S2:E8 – Does your body also do that?
  4. S2:E7 – Have you ever sucked a dingaling (aka penis)?
  5. S2:E6 – Why do I have to wear a bra?